Anthony Palmisano - Royal Festivals - San Gennaro Feast

Please pay your invoice in the amount of $605 USD for work performed by US for Royal Festivals during the September 2014 San Genanro Feast.

We went above and beyond to accommodate you’re around the clock requests exceeding our normal business hours. We personally answered your phone calls and text messages sometimes well past midnight during the week of the feast.

Anthony, please do the right thing and pay for services you received.

The Las Vegas San Gennaro Feast is the biggest Italian food and music festival held annually in honor of the Saint, San Gennaro. The festival features a wide variety of ethnic food vendors, live national acts hourly on the main stage, a amusement rides and game fun for the whole family. The festival, held in Las Vegas, is one of the most popular festivals for locals and visitors from all over the world. Each festival expects to out-do the last, so don’t miss out on the best Italian Heritage Celebration this side of Naples!